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Adult Outpatient CD Services

Individualized Counseling:

Sessions  available by appointment to discuss issues in a quiet, private and  confidential setting. An individual session is 50 minutes in length. 


Chemical Dependency Evaluation:

The  assessment is a comprehensive process that  evaluates a person's  chemical use history. The assessment is the means by which a  professional diagnosis is achieved. A dependency diagnosis is never  assumed. If substance abuse or dependence has been determined  then appropriate recommendations for various levels of care are given. 

This assessment meets all Nebraska and Iowa Legal System requirements.

Outpatient Group Treatment:

Outpatient  treatment services provide quality and cutting- edge group therapy for  those who are clinically appropriate for that level of care. A  prescreening interview will help determine if treatment is the proper  course of action. 

Individuals  who meet criteria for treatment are admitted based on stability in  mental and physical health. A stable job and supportive home life is  also important. No prior treatment experience is required.

Day  and evening groups are available that will meet most work schedules.  All will benefit from an individualized treatment plan which includes  educational lectures, group therapy and  peer interaction. 

Codependency Therapy:

Individuals  and families who suffer the effects of a loved one who is chemically  dependent. Adult children of alcoholic (ACOA) issues are explored in  group and individual sessions.


Specialized  group and individual counseling sessions focusing on enhancing recovery  and relapse prevention skills. The sessions are designed for indviduals  who are transitioning from treatment environment back to normal life,  or are desiring to learn more tools for recovery. 


A service offering an opportunity to meet Don in the office and discuss counseling options at no cost or obligation.

Payment Options:

All fees are due at time of service unless other arrangements have been made. 

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Nebraska participant.

Information or Appointment:


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